About Linh Chao

Sales Representative

Before finding her place as a realtor, Linh decided to become a mortgage agent, and within three months she was promoted to a Senior Mortgage Agent. Her position gave her the ability to teach and assist new mortgage and real estate agents, most of whom are now successful in the real estate industry. Her commitment to teaching agents inspired Linh to pursue a real estate career. 
Linh now uses her unique skills of teaching and caring nature to guide her clients through their seamless home ownership process. She takes the time and patience to educate her clients from pre-approval step through to the final ownership stages, including credit repair and down payment methods. Her honesty, professionalism and positive outlook are well recognized through her guidance and personal opinions when showings properties.
Aside from her job, which comes in first priority, she loves traveling, family time, giving back to the community and she is a foodie at heart. She has an adventurous side, where there is no mountain too high she wouldn’t travel to and climb. 
By understanding that buying and selling is one of the greatest decisions in everyone’s life, Linh has the patience and understanding that will put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on the other important things in your life.
It is Linh’s absolute privilege to serve you!